Youth Evangelism Association

Youth Evangelism Association (YEA) is a network of ministries to youth using a Biblical approach in ministry, methods and standards. YEA is 24/7 – whenever and wherever youth are.  The vision is to challenge adults to coach, equip, and train youth to:

  • Actively and responsibly reproduce the life of Christ with their peers.
  • Boldly share the Gospel to win their unsaved peers to Christ.
  • Consistently study the Bible with a view toward spiritual maturity.

Distinctives of Youth Evangelism Association

  • Aggressively Evangelistic – The plan of salvation and an open invitation to publicly profess personal faith in Jesus Christ is included in public meetings.
  • Bible Believing – The inspiration, infallibility and inerrancy of the Bible as the Word of God form the foundation on which YEA is built.
  • Church Connected – Local Bible believing congregations are recognized as God’s choice institutions worldwide.  Involvement and cooperation with such ministries is vital.

Each YEA affiliate is locally governed, with the right to develop programs of evangelism as God directs, holding high standards of Christian conduct, Bible teaching, and victorious Christian living.  Interdenominational ministries, local church youth ministries, and individuals affiliated with YEA use a variety of ideas and methods in a constant endeavor to reach youth effectively.

Membership is open to like-minded organizations, local church youth ministries, and individuals. Members are committed to the vision, purpose, and distinctives of YEA, and are in agreement with the YEA Statement of Faith without reservation.

For more information, or to request a membership application, contact:

Youth Evangelism Association
13000 US Highway 41 North
Evansville, IN  47725-9401
Phone: 812-867-2418
Fax: 812-867-8933

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